Indian Soyabean Meal (Hipro)

Avi Agri Indian Soyabean Meal

Indian Soyabean Meal (Hipro)


50 Kg HDPE Bags or as per costumer requirements.

Intended use

Use in animal feed industry and also used as a food supplement and in Bakery.

Shelf Life

18 months from the date of manufacture(for feed) and 6 months for soya flour.

Storage Condition

Store in cool & dry place at ambient temperature. It shouldn't be exposed to humid condition.

Indian Soyabean Meal (Hipro) is manufactured using Non-GMO soya bean seeds. Before processing, seeds go through multiple stages cleaning for removal of all foreign materials. The graded seeds are then cracked, dehulled, conditioned, and roll into flakes. The flakes after efficient extraction are de solventized. The desired consistency is obtained through vibro graders.

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